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We Provide Solutions

Are you looking for capital preservation and liquidity?

Our Fixed Income team can help you meet your short-term liquidity needs by managing custom cash portfolios tailored to your specific cash flow requirements. Integrating your investment policies, our short duration specialists will work with you to customize a separately managed portfolio based specially on your corporate tax structure, liquidity needs, cash flows, investment policy, business strategy needs, and risk tolerance.

Do you want to increase income during those periods when interest rates are rising?

Our Advantage Equity team can help you increase the income of your portfolio through Dividend Focus investing. We believe a portfolio of companies that consistently grow dividends and beat earnings estimates will provide above-average returns, below-market volatility, and a hedge against nation.

How do you best manage your defined benefit pension assets in order to meet both current and future liabilities?

Our Liability Driven Investing strategies are fully customized to each pension plan sponsor’s objectives. We provide specific strategies designed to control pension plan risk, while locking in gains as they occur over time. Through the use of dynamic asset allocation, your investment strategy will evolve over time as critical funding thresholds are met, resulting in greater stability in both funding status and portfolio returns.

Is there a way to invest while taking into account your organization's social and ethical concerns?

Socially Responsible Investing enables you to combine institutional investment expertise with a strict adherence to environmental, governmental, and social principles. Because we believe earnings drive stock prices, we focus on companies that we believe will exceed consensus earnings estimates. Within this universe, we buy companies that have stable to improving fundamentals and attractive valuations, while adhering to specific socially responsible guidelines.

Are you interested in long-term capital appreciation and current income, with a moderate tolerance for risk?

The Multi-style Balanced Allocation strategy applies a blended investment style by investing in a diversied portfolio of common stocks, investment-grade xed income securities, and cash equivalents. Based upon our market outlook, we will adjust our strategy and allocations to help you navigate through a variety of economic cycles.

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