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Portfolio Characteristics & Allocation¹ as of  9/30/2014


Sector Weightings

1 Supplemental information.

Characteristics, sector weightings, and holdings are subject to change and should not be considered as investment recommendations.

There is no guarantee that holding securities with relatively high (or low) price-to-earnings, price-to-sales, price-to-cash, return-on-equity or dividend yield will cause the portfolio to outperform its benchmark or index. Indexes are unmanaged and not available for direct investment. The views expressed herein represent the opinions of U.S. Investment & Capital Group, Inc. and are not intended as investment advice, a forecast or guarantee of future results. U.S. Investment & Capital Group, Inc. uses a proprietary methodology for the sector assignment of foreign ADRs not classified in the benchmark.
The sectors or industries discussed herein should not be perceived as investment recommendations and securities within a sector or industry may no longer be held in an account's portfolio. It should not be assumed that investments in any of the sectors or industries listed were or will prove profitable. Sector and industry weights of any particular client may vary based on investment restrictions applicable to the account. The data represents the aggregate characteristics of all securities held in the representative portfolio.
Data is obtained from FactSet® (a registered trade mark of FactSet Research Systems, Inc. and its affiliates). This information is for illustrative purposes only, is subject to change at any time, and should not be considered investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any particular security. Please refer to our GIPS compliant presentation, which includes performance footnotes, fee schedules, index descriptions and disclosures, located at the end of this investment strategy’s Fact Sheet (available under Quick Links).
Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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