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$1,200,000,000 (USD) in capital

Private investment brokerage and advisory experts
(Average 17 + years experience)


Investment & Capital Group Inc.

Established : 2013

Founder : Daniel Lee
Headquarters :

100 Wall St Ste 16, New York, NY, 10005, USA

We will be developing for our customers.

We will be a company that develops for our customers.

We sincerely welcome and thank you for visiting the U.S. Investment & Capital Group Inc. website.
U.S. Investment & Capital Group Inc. has created financial instruments optimized for corporate finance to meet the diverse needs of its customers with a business philosophy on customer success and value realization by providing new and innovative financial services.

In addition, we intend to contribute to the development of the Korean industry by attracting funds through direct investment targeting leading domestic and foreign business customers as well as by connecting with overseas investment institutions.

We provide financial solutions for corporate customers in three areas of business, including various corporate loan financing, investment financing that supports the company's growth stage, and various financial brokerage using global networks.

Based on the principle of transparent and clean management, we will do our best to create future value for our customers and become a financial partner who can be with our customers forever.


U.S. Investment & Capital Group Inc. is a leading U.S.-based multinational investment bank that primarily serves institutional investors with investment, securities, investment management, and other financial services in the international financial market.
U.S. Investment & Capital Group Inc. is currently headquartered in 100 Wall St. 16, New York, NY, 10005 and USA.
The company provides merger and acquisition consulting, and serves as a shareholder, asset management, and prime broker for governments, businesses and individuals. 
U.S. Investment & Capital Group Inc. contributes to the success and value of its customers by attracting funds through direct investment to domestic and foreign investment institutions and supporting differentiated financial services based on U.S. Investment & Capital Group Inc. know-how and global network.

To create future value for our customers, we are committed to


providing optimal solutions to meet their diverse financial needs and building a better solution system.

The recent financial environment, including the global economic recession, the financial crisis, and socioeconomic changes, is rapidly changing.
U.S. Investment & Capital Group Inc. will make every effort to become a global leader in strengthening the competitiveness of the Korean financial industry and strengthening the competitiveness of its global financial business by wisely responding to this huge change in the global financial environment.

This web site is comprised of various web sites operated by U.S. Investment & Capital Group Inc. (collectively, the "web site")
U.S. Investment & Capital Group Inc. offers investment banking and advisory services.
The company's service include merger and acquisition, private placement, loan syndication, bonds, and foreign exchange services. In addition, the company offers corporate finance, asset backed securities, and derivative trading services. U.S.

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