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Our fundamental market and security analysis serves as the foundation for our strategy. We evaluate interest rate trends, the shape of the yield curve, duration strategy, and the relative attractiveness of states/sectors. Based on our findings, we construct each portfolio to offer diverse exposure across the various municipal market sectors. We emphasize credit quality, with a strong bias toward selecting securities that are investment grade or better. We strive to identify securities offering the greatest value along the yield curve as purchase candidates for the portfolio.

Benchmark : Lipper Municipal Money Market Fund Index

Our process begins with a frank discussion with our client about the risks and rewards of tax-exempt investing.
Next, we evaluate the their investment goals, tolerance for risk, and any existing municipal bond holdings. Based on this evaluation,
we develop an investment policy statement, outlining our client’s investment objectives and requirements.

The investment policy statement serves as a basis for formulating the investment strategy for our client. We match the their goals and
requirements to our current municipal strategy to build the their portfolio. Finally, we actively manage the portfolio to mitigate risk and capture incremental return opportunities

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