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U.S. Investment & Capital Group Inc.

U.S. Investment & Capital Group Inc. promotes and fosters a strong culture of
risk management at every level within the firm

Investment management

With its intuitive in-person interface, Portfolio Insight helps you identify risks, return drivers, discover new opportunities, and fine-tune assignments.

Ensuring stable returns

In addition to generating profits to address our customers' needs, we have implemented and transformed fixed income capabilities with one goal.

Global market strategy

Key questions about investors' minds. Ask your colleagues for answers and get answers from the Global Market strategist team.

Sustainable Investment

To prioritize customer benefits means to recognize and manage investment risks and opportunities associated with environmental, social and governance factors.

We have a deep understanding of investing in multiple dimensions with the goal of creating a risk-adjusted return to meet your goals.

What We Do











U.S. Investment & Capital Group., INC. has created an organizational environment in which individuals are committed to and passionate about delivering competitive performance and unmatched service. We strive to attract, retain, and motive the best talent through a culture of empowerment, teamwork, and performance-based reward.

Our people are dedicated to ensuring that decisions always are aligned with the interests of our clients. They have entrusted us with enormous responsibility, and we are committed 
to delivering what we promise.
Partners & Subsidiaries
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